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Isaac Anderson

Profile Updated: December 12, 2020
Isaac Anderson
Residing In:
Delta Junction, AK USA
Turbine/Instrumentation/Electronics Tech
Non yet but will be married in august of 2017 and will begin my family. Making mother and father very More…happy!
Baby is due 2-14-2020
Baby Taylen Jane Born 2-7-2020 7lb 3oz
Yes! Attending Reunion
Work at Alyeska:

Worked for Alaska as an instrument tech at PS9.

What's happened since?:

After leaving I went to work on the missile defense at fort greely upgrading access control and intrusion detection systems.
I then went to work for CH2M building Point Thomson. The work there intrigued me,looking at the design for 15kpsi equipment.
After Point Thomson I moved over to prudhoe bay and worked for ch2m on a BP contract.
5-2016 I accepted a job in North Dakota with Delta Constructors building a large gas compressor plant and maintaining various gas/oil production facilities.
4-2017 Growing tired of leaving my home state and fiancée behind I just accepted a job with ASRC at Northstar Island. 11-2018 I was promoted to turbine and instrumentation tech at Northstar for Hilcorp Alaska .