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General Interest:

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Alaska Pipeline Builders Association - APBA is dedicated to supporting oil and natural gas development projects in Alaska. 

Member Links:

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Christie Lensky Adams - Retirement Solutions

Chris Alexander - Sea Life of Florida / Live the Life - Gulf Breeze, FL 

Susan Arnout (Smith) - Screenwriter | Playwright | Author

Mike Carter - Anchorage AK Homes and Real Estate - Real Estate Brokers Of Alaska - Update!

Richard Coyle - Richard J Coyle - Global Communications & Public Affairs

Laurie DeYoung -  Michael DeYoung - "If its outside, we're in!" (photography)

Jonathan Goold -  Goold's Gold

Jim Kingrea - 84th Street Construction

Greg Liefer - Gregory Liefer - Author, Aviator, Historian

Judith Miller -  Alaska Response Company

Diane Woodward Manning - Udderly Wonderful - Update!

Karen Nealon - Artmajeur: Karen Nealon  - Update!

Mike Jens & Dave Norton - Hawk Consultants

Mic Lowther - Mic Lowther: Backkpacking America's Back Country TrailsLowther Brothers LLC, A Whiskey Journal

Dennis Prendeville - H2Oasis Indoor Water Park

John Renfroe -  Beach Club #424  - Update!

Tom Rensch - 6 Min Walk to Beach - Marco Island, FL 

Arthur T Sample III - The Fitness Equipment Shop

Walt Wood - Team Peru

Member Books:

Les Alldredge - Do No Evil

Susna Arnout (Smith) - The Frozen Lady - A novel intertwining stories of three families, Athabaskan Indian, Inupiat Eskimo and white from the 1890’s Gold Rush through Statehood and beyond

Luann Still (Chappell) - Stubborn - A screenplay about orphaned black girl in NYC is adopted by her rural grandparents in Tennessee. She befriends a disgraced trainer and adopts an abused mule. The three go on to become show jumping champions.

Gerald E. Cole - Surveyors Built the Trans Alaska Pipeline With Some Help From Others, and More Pipeline Stories Is Mankind Ready For This?

Wilma Knox - Four Years Below Zero

Gregory Liefer - Aviation Mysteries of the North, Broken Wings: Aviation Disasters in Alaska, and The Last Flight: A Novel.  

Mic Lowther - Walking North: A Family Hikes the Appalacian Trail, and Taking the Long Way Home: Selections from Another 2,000 Miles of Adventures

Loren Pitchford - Real Alaskan Fish Tales

Armand C. Spielman - The Landman: How They Secured the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Right of Way