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Other Alyeska Vids

Other Alyeska Videos

Additional videos about or related to the Trans Alaska Pipeline.

Seven Wonders by Deborah Logan

A friend sent these photos by a fellow Pipeline to share with you. I strung them together and added a little music. Please sit back and enjoy them  Larry M.    (Click symbol next to Vimeo for full size screen.)

Trans-Alyeska Pipeline: Conversations with T. Boone Pickens  (2014)


Happy Holidays from Alyeska Pipeline (from Alyeska Pipeline - 2013)

Aurora in Alaska Pipeline (Mar 23, 2013)

Alaskan Pipeline  (by Gladys Knight and the Pips - 1976)

Gladys Knight released a romantic movie, as well as an album of the soundtrack, called "Pipe Dreams."  Set in Valdez, AK, it is said to be the first movie with the pipeline construction as its background.

Pipe Dreams

The movie was filmed in on location in  Valdez, AK on Jaunaur, 1976.  It was the film debut of Gladys' Knight..  The whole movie can be viewed below.

Pipeline  (by the Chantels - 1963)

The Chantels playing Pipeline on the Lawrence Welk Show, May 18, 1963.  (OK - maybe this Pipeline really isn't related but what a peek into the past. )