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Anita Maas Adams

Profile Updated: February 5, 2018
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Residing In:
North Pole, AK USA
Ric Adams
Joshua, Heather, Elizabeth, Alexsis
4 grandkids
Yes! Attending Reunion
Work at Alyeska:

Alaska Constructors Inc. and Brown & Root 1976-1978 on North Slope gathering centers. Worked as a Teamster in warehousing.
2001-2017 DUS worked Security on Pipeline based in FBKS. Patrol, Courier, DIF counter and Badge/Training/Drug Test collection/Keys and Locks.

What's happened since?:

Retirement to spend more time with grandkids and hobbies.

Alyeska Story:

As a child of a Petroleum Engineer, I wanted to work on the Pipeline as much as other Alaska citizens. So I took a dispatch to the North Slope to earn money for college. We worked a 9 week on / 2 week off schedule up there, sometimes longer. There are so many stories from those rough years as a naive young female working in a male world; both funny, sad and thrilling. And a lot of good memories of great people and hard workers. Probably one of the funniest looking back...I had been housed in Crazy Horse camp for a couple of years when they had to close the camp down for health concerns. The few females in camp were relocated to the much larger Parson's camp, in a wing without locking doors. They had to put a guard in the hall to prevent unwanted visitors while we slept. The first morning going into the huge mess hall a fellow saw us walk in, jumped up on his dining table, threw his food tray in the air and shouted "WOMEN"... If my memory serves well, the camp housed way more personnel than Crazy Horse so the men outnumbered us hundreds to one (there were less than a dozen of us). That's when the hall guard became two... Thinking back on those years, and the unsafe way we did things makes me wonder how we all survived. A career-span later returning to work TAPS I can very much appreciate the safety culture in place. A much longer work span on TAPS, many more fond memories and great people. Despite growing up in our Great State, working on TAPS gave me opportunity to see areas that I did not visit growing up. And to think we got paid to work where tourists spend greatly to visit, makes it sweeter. The fact that we did it, that it still stands and flows and our state is still beautiful! Priceless...