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In Memory

June Vernoy

June Vernoy

December 29, 1964 -       2021


--------- Alyeska Corporate Communications ---------------------------------------------------------

It is with regret that we inform you of the passing of former Alyeska employee June L. Vernoy on December 19, 2021. June joined Alyeska on January 7, 1991, working first in Anchorage with Engineering and Pipeline Operations before transferring to the field in a Pump Station Assistant role, then Modification Support Specialist, and finally Close-out Coordinator supporting Pump Stations 1-7. June then transferred back to Anchorage, accepting a role as Documentation Lead supporting major projects until departing the company on April 20, 2008.

Information regarding services is not available at this time.



I shall post more details as they become available.

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12/27/21 10:17 AM #1    

Martha Preus

I am so very sorry to hear this news.  June came on board to provide adminstrative assistance to the training team, eventually moving out to support the  pump stations in the field.  We worked closely together during that time; she was always good natured, friendly, organized and helpful.  My condolences to her family and friends. 


12/28/21 07:46 AM #2    

Dave Norton

I worked with June most closely on the Strategic Reconfiguration Project, where she was the document control lead. She lead a team that successfully  coordinated design packages and as-builts from a Canadian outfit that had not previously worked with Alyeska or interfaced with the boutique TAPS regulator. She was always engaging and cheerful, and gave off an aura of calm professionalism that reassured all who worked around her. I really was impressed with her and enjoyed working with her. It is very sad that she left us so early in her life. Life consists of final partings as well as first meetings. Farewell June. 

12/28/21 10:38 AM #3    

Cathy Girard

When I arrived at PS01 on my first day on the job in June 1994, June Vernoy greeted me in her Pump Station Assistant's office.  I was left with an immediate impression: "Wow, this woman knows her business and is going to be one of my primary resources."  June was a no-baloney, straight-shooting, confident and competent woman who brought a sense of "everything is going to be alright - I got this" attitude to whatever was happening.  She was a prolific gardener and loved her daughter and husband tremendously. Did I ever eat one of her vegetables or interact with her family?  No, but you just knew what drove her by seeing her photos, listening to R&R stories and hearing of her plans.  She loved Alaska enough to move back after a short stint in Washington.  June, you were a darned good woman and person - rest in peace, dear one.

12/29/21 10:39 AM #4    

Jim Johnson

I am very sorry to hear about June passing.  I worked with her for a number of years.   Back in the day, she kept the Southern Business Unit running by coordinating and networking with all the Pump Station Admins.   Always kept a very professional demeanor, stayed calm when things got exciting, was extreemly helpful and was able to learn quickly and be very effective at all the jobs she had at Alyeska.  She was another good person that will  be missed.



12/29/21 08:39 PM #5    

Bill Howitt

When I came to the Southern Business Unit in 1995, June Vernoy and Frances Legerat were counterparts sharing the Admin Support rolls for the Business Unit Leaders. As has been said by Jim Johnson and several others, June was exceptionally competent and organized.  Between her and Frances the admin side of the Business Unit ran like a clock and they had a pretty good handle on most aspects of the Operations and Maintenance side of the business too. They were an integral and integrated part of the SBU team.

Both are gone now.  Way, way too soon. RIP June.  You did well.

12/30/21 07:21 AM #6    

Christopher Bias (Bias)

I have good memories of working with June and her friend Frances Legerat during most of my Pipeline tenure but especially during the Strategic Reconfiguration Project. Very sad to know that she, and Frances, are gone, but they won't be forgotten..

12/30/21 12:11 PM #7    

Bonnie Cudnohufsky

I couldn't agree more with the many positive comments about June. She was a pleasure to work with, always calm, helpful, friendly and extremely good at whatever role she was filling. June and I shared similar roles during the SR project as well as project closeout tasks. She was simply a very fine person who I feel grateful to have known. Condolences to her family and hoping all the kind words will ease their pain of losing her so young. RIP June

01/01/22 08:58 PM #8    

Shana Clay (Clay)

She passed away far too soon. When I think of June, I can hear her laugh. She had a great laugh and a great sense of humor. "She was good people," as Jim Johnson would say!😊

01/14/22 10:50 PM #9    

Barbara Harmon

Wow. I'm very bummed to hear about June passing - way too soon. She was a class act - professional, competent, calm. I had a lot of respect for her. Sorry to hear this news. Rest In Peace June. 

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