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frank heffernan

Profile Updated: February 27, 2015
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Residing In:
cape coral, FL USA
bonnie k hall
retired helicopter pilot
michael t born 1970, megan e born 1973 died 2002, maureen b bresser born 1977
Yes! Attending Reunion
Work at Alyeska:

Flew into hess creek camp Feb 15 1970 as a contract helo pilot. Flew for Anchorage helo and then ERA on the the pipeline until 1977. On 7/11/77 joined the operating co..Worked in avn dept promoted to avn spvr. worked for Fred Smith. Then worked for Keith Burke as OPLS mgr until reorg. Then back to avn spvr working for Pat Wellington. Retired on Dec 31 1995.

What's happened since?:

Spent 5 years in the National Guard ; in Avn at Fort Rich and many deployments. Transferred to the Florida guard in 98 to missile defense as EWO. Retired in 2000. Remarried in 2003. Worked one spring training season for the Boston Red Sox. Now am hybridizing hibiscus flowers as a hobby and enjoying grand kids and traveling with my wife .

Alyeska Story:

Enjoy remembering good times building and operating the pipeline. Remembering the privilege seeing things from the air in Alaska few others have.