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In Memory

Richard A Skvarch

Richard A Skvarch

Richard A. Skvarch passed away on Memorial Day, May 30, 2016.  A service for him was held on June 4, 2016.  He was living in Alaska.  


There was not an obituary for Richard however I did speak to Richard's wife, Paula.  Paule said I could share her phone number with anyone who might want to reach her.  You can use Contact Us to reach me.  I have very little information to share but hope others can add some thoughts or information about him.   Larry Motschenbacher

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06/17/16 09:48 AM #1    

Bill Howitt

So sorry to learn of Rich's death. I always valued Rich as a fellow employee and as a friend. As an Alyeska manager he always came through for me and was completely dependable. As a friend he was caring, helpful and had a great dry sense of humor. Lost touch with him the past ten years. Sorry that happened.

Rest in peace Rich.

06/17/16 09:49 AM #2    

Barbara Harmon

Rich Skvarch - I liked the guy.  He had a funny dry sense of humor.  This is a second hand story - so I may not have all the details right, but it goes something like this:  Rich was new to Alyeska and had just met Mark Veit at one of those 3 day Business Process Improvement Kumbaya Synergy-Building off-sites for managers. After the first boring day, Mark and Veit went drinking and became great friends.  The next morning they were both extremely hungover.  At the first session of the second day, the managers sat in a circle and had to answer some esoteric question as it came their turn.  Rich decided that when it was his turn, he would fake laryngitis so he wouldn't have to participate much.  To his right sat Mark Veit who got the question before Rich.  In Mark's best raspy voice he whispered "sorry - can't talk.  Lost my voice".  Rich's red face got even redder as he thought "You SOB - you stole my line"  Thus hung-over-like-a-big-dog Rich was stuck suffering/participating the rest of the day while Mark smiled and closed his eyes. 

Rest in peace, Rich.  You were a good man.

06/18/16 08:10 AM #3    

Nita McCallum

Well dang it anyway – what a cool guy Rich was.  He has a double (I think). I got on a plane from ANC to FAI a few years back and Rich got on too (I thought). Sat down next to me and I said “Hey Rich how ya been?”  He said “Hey Peggy, been doing great how about you?” I said “I’m not Peggy.” He laughed, put his arm around my shoulders and said “I know, and I’m not Rich.” Am I on candid camera?  He gave me his card (a card) – said he was Dennis somebody.  We laughed all the way to Fairbanks and I kept thinking he’d fess up when we got there – he didn’t.  Still not convinced that wasn’t you Rich.  Stay awesome up there.   

06/18/16 08:42 AM #4    

Wayne Jones

Damn, sorry to hear about Rich.  He was a good man and a friend.  His call sign in Vietnam was "six" so he always called me "two six", for the next level down the chain.  I will miss him.  Wayne Jones

06/23/16 05:44 AM #5    

Susan Graham

Rich was my first supervisor when I started working at Alyeska. What a character. Lots of laughs and a great supervisor. So sorry to hear of his passing. Rest in Peace Rich. Thoughts and prayers for the family.

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