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In Memory

James D Tracy

James D. Tracy
August 12, 1937 - June 15, 2021

Jim was a good loyal friend, I will miss him. Jim lead an active life, he was a police officer, a speed boat racer, a downhill skier, and an avid golfer, besides being a diligent and persistent professional buyer for Alyeska. 

A Friend

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07/06/21 08:50 AM #1    

Elda Foster (McCraw)

I meet Jim via a phone call more than thirty years ago. Some very special pipe had been damaged in transit and he needed information to file a claim. I was working the accounts payable 'problem' desk. Co-workers from cubes up and down the floor came by to check on what was going on as they could all hear him shouting on the phone although it was not on speaker. I learned a lot that day about trailers, trucks, bridges and how special that pipe was to the project. When he would occasionally pause to take a breath, I would try to ask a question or give him the information I was finding. I always knew where I stood with Jim. Over the next twenty years he trained and mentored me in procurement and contracting. He used to grill me on the meaning of the contract clauses, the policies and practices and finer details of our profession. We had great discussions because he loved breaking things and being the devil's advocate playing 'what if'. For a time we shared a desk, computer and telephone in the annex. I got the computer, he got the phone and we some how shared our space. I've visited with him since we both retired but not during the past year. We did try a phone call with his wife Dee helping him as he couldn't hear me on the phone. I left instructions how to access and a list of the participants on this site on his door because when we talked about it, he asked about many of you. He told great stories and always had time to answer questions. I enjoyed his company and he taught me a lot. I'm going to miss my friend and mentor Jim. 

07/06/21 08:52 AM #2    

Bob Moseley

Many thought Jim was a hard man. In the beginning I did too. 
It was early in 1986, I was a contractor at the time working as a Security Systems Specialist in the SCADA department. I had had about 6 months of dealing with Jim, he was my buyer. Frankly I didn't know how I was going to make it? 
One day while trying to purchase an electronic device for testing it's possible application at APS, I was on the the phone with Jim, things not going my way, (that not to say my may was correct). I slammed the phone done went directly to Jim's office, walked in shut his door and proceeded to give him more than a piece of my mind. I kept thinking, shut up you're going to get yourself fired!! Obvious I didn't get fired, but I did get one of my best friends ever. I left Jim's office really knowing this man. Purchasing in the future was the same as always but I had an understanding of why. 
we were  close friends for 45 years. It turned out Jim was Loyal, Generous, Trustworthy and ready to help in any situation at any time. We shared our love for flying, golf, skiing, hunting, and many others activities. He was a GOOD MAN, he was my friend, and I miss him. 

07/06/21 06:46 PM #3    

Christie Lensky (Adams)

I loved working with Jim. He was one of my favorite people when I worked as a secretary to Ellis Mercer then Ivar Vecbastics. Occasionally some of the support staff would gently suggest it might be time for a hearing aid to which he would promptly respond "nope, people just need to talk louder!" A kind, funny and supportive man who will clearly be missed by many.

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