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In Memory

Richard (Dick) M Mautino

Richard (Dick) M Mautino
December 27, 1942 - March 18, 2023


Richard M. Mautino, age 80, of Salem, Oregon passed away on Saturday, March 18, 2023.



Obituary from Virgil T Golden Funeral Service, Salem, Oregon


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04/03/23 01:30 PM #1    

Steve Jordan

Sad to see Dick has passed on. He was chief tech when I was at PS8. Most of the crew including myself were in their 20s so Dick was old to us. I've seen him upset but never outwardly mad. The only obvious sign was his signature, deep voiced Ahhhhhh was maybe more pronounced and long. He was a pretty kool guy.  I remember when it was the last day of the shift he headed for 'the office' a bar at the corner of airport and cushman to have a relaxing time playing pacman. Sometimes with Charlie Golson or Art Grandy, or sometimes crew.  Those days are very memorable and I'm happy I got to share them with Dick.

04/04/23 08:27 AM #2    

Walt Brophy

Dick was my supervisor at PS10 around 1985.   He was cool under pressure and a good leader.  I have many good memories of Dick and the time I spent there.

04/04/23 08:48 AM #3    

Bill Howitt

I could always pretty well figure that a pump station was in pretty good hands when Dick was in charge. As has already been said, he was a cool professional and usually had things well in hand. RIP Dick.

04/04/23 10:43 AM #4    

Michael McGehee

Sorry to hear about Dick's passing. He was very helpful to our maintenance team. Great guy!

04/04/23 11:44 PM #5    

Howard Echo-Hawk

Dick Mautino


1977  February


I was in the second class of Technicians along with Howdy Brown, Tim Egley & Jimmy Dearmore.  My hire date was 01.10.77.


I went to PS9 after the initial Tech training class n ANC and met Joe Shrieber (sp) & Larry  Smith who were the Chief Techs.  Dick Mautino was the Lead Tech.  I believe he & Wayne Wilson were from the Healy Power Plant.




Dick was the rock of PS9. Calm, technically astute and in control. 

He was a great mentor.  Vietnam combat chopper pilot and like Steve Jordan said, he would always think what he would say with a long…Ahhhh.


PS8 Pumphouse was destroyed on 07.08.1977 due to several mishaps and we lost an electrician that day. PS9 was suddenly the critical station for oil to reach the VMT.  The initial oil front was just past PS8.  


PS9 was suddenly the main event.      PS9 was not to come online for a couple of months as a Phase 2 station.  PS9 became super critical.  The regulators were concerned we didn’t know what we were doing.  The top 3 oil companies were wondering about their TAPS investment.


Dick was critical to the successful startup.  He was the goto man. There were many engineers, including Bill Fricthl (sp) and a bevy of Startup Techs from Exxon, SoHio, BP etc.


Dick was the Ring Master.


He oversaw the work and could see what had to happen next. 


He was pivotal to the successful Startup of TAPS.

He was an amazing mentor.

If he was on station, we knew it was going to be OK.

He was fair and just in his dealings.


I remember when he went to PS8 and laid off the entire electricians crew because they would not clean up after themselves.


I’m a better man & the TAPS was started successfully with help of Dick Mautino.   RIP


04/17/23 04:01 PM #6    

David Luke, Jr.

Mr. Mautino was step-up ATL at pump 5 in '95 when I started. I remember his big voice. Been a long while, RIP.

04/27/23 09:53 AM #7    

Greg Kinney

Dick was great guy to work with.  When he spoke, you wanted to listen. 

Rest in peace Dick and deepest condolences to Vicky.

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