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John Ballard

Profile Updated: January 3, 2019
Residing In:
North Pole, AK USA
Very Retired
Work at Alyeska:

Operator, Maintenance, Planner, Rotating Equipment

What's happened since?:

Many things and many changes. I'm doing fine in the spring of 2015. The last two years I have wandered around some including an extended trip to Florida for a pair of fake hips. When they incinerate me I will leave behind a charred pile that looks like an automotive junk yard. I have a foundation built and a steel building to put up in the spring. When I get done I'll be even older and more broke.

Alyeska Story:

I left ERA Helicopters in the spring of 79 and started training school up at PS-5. I was asked if I'd like to go to PS-9. I asked if there was a camp there. They said no and I said no. I just didn't want to move. Will Garis told me that I would be interviewed for Eight and if they lowered their standards and accepted me, then I would have to go. Believe me, when I saw the rest of the crew, I realized that they wouldn't have to lower their standards. I loved PS-8 and, until the Exon Valdez affair, I think it was about the best job in Alaska. Later I went to PS-6 and then to PS-5 as a planner. Then I spent some time in PMT and finally over to the Rotating Equipment Shop for a couple of years. My opposite was John Hodge who I knew from before pipeline. I could drive to work in fifteen minutes and I worked for an old friend from PS-8, Don Bickmeier. One warm clear dusty Sunday in August of 02 I rolled down the overhead door, threw the breakers and walked away into a new life.

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