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In Memory

Frances Legerat

Frances Legerat
                 - 2020

We are sad to share that Alyeska retiree Frances Legerat passed away recently in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Out of respect for Frances’ wishes and her family’s request for privacy at this difficult time, further details or contact information are not available.

Frances was a Veteran who served in the United States Army and received a National Defense Medal.  She started working on TAPS in 1979 as an equipment operator and joined Alyeska October 10, 1991, accepting a role as a Pump Station Assistant at PS 05.  While Frances spent most of her time on TAPS at Pipeline locations and Fairbanks, she accepted a transfer to Anchorage in 2004 to work on a special project.  She retired March 6, 2011.

Frances was excellent at identifying ways to do business better.  She knew what was going on and had a personal connection with all levels of the company.  She was particularly effective at providing information to assure good communications were made. Frances was frequently sought out by senior leadership for critical projects because she could manage a diverse scope of accountabilities and deliver high quality work. 

Frances always maintained a strong commitment to her community by leading local United Way campaigns for Alyeska as well as investing her personal time as to improve things for others. She will be greatly missed and remembered as a respected and trusted team member.


Bill Howitt, with other coworkers and Alyeska HR, December 12, 2020

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12/15/20 08:43 AM #1    

Nita McCallum

Frances was a pleasure to work with. She would NEVER compromise her integrity. Loved that about her. Rest in peace my friend.

12/15/20 09:22 AM #2    

Dan Hisey

I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Frances's passing.  I met Frances in about 1993 when I was a District Manager. She was later my Admin in Fairbanks when Jim Johnson and I were Business Unit Leaders on the pipeline.  Frances provideed amazing support and counsel.  I used to think of her like Radar O'Reily (MASH) since she always seemed to know what I needed before I asked. Frances simply took care of everything with a dedication and commitment to be admired.  She was loyal, caring, and honest and I couldn't have asked for better support. Frances cared deeply for her family and friends.  I haven't seen Frances in years, but she was truly a special person I will never forget.  She will be sorely missed by her family and friends.


12/15/20 11:56 AM #3    

Julie Morton

Oh dear. This is very sad news and I send my best to Frances' family and friends. Frances was always so good to me in every way. I was not terribly close to Frances, but I knew I could trust her completely. I was very fortunate to have known Frances and to work with her. 

12/15/20 03:49 PM #4    

Shana Clay

Ahh Frances... I have thought of her often, as I roam the halls in the DIF building. She was a wonderful coworker and took me under her wing when I joined Alyeska in 1997. We've had lots of laughs together. I'll never forget her smile. She was a rock to her family and she was a rock to her coworkers - we all could depend on her. Thank you for writing a nice story about Frances. 


12/15/20 05:39 PM #5    

Christopher Bias

Frances was my friend and Mentor for 30 years. She trained me as an Equipment Coordinator when I started on the Pipeline at PS5 in March of 1990. She was a true Pipeliner and was everything from an Equipment Operator (IUOE 302) to Equip Coordinator to PS Assistant and then townie Alyeska employee. She was one of the best.

From what I was told, Frances passed away at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital on Monday, Dec. 7, at 1:20am..


12/16/20 01:46 PM #6    

Larry Wood

Always so helpful and knowledgeable, I appreciated Frances very much.  I could always count on Frances to answer my questions quickly, or to point me in the right direction.  Indeed, a wonderful person who will be sorely missed.  

07/17/21 04:56 PM #7    

June Vernoy

Frances was an amazing lady!  She and I were alternates for several years.  Starting at PS 5 as Pumo Station Assitants, then onto Pump Station 6 as the Business Unit Admins, eventually ,oving onto Pump Station 7 then Fairbanks before we ended up in separate roles.  Last time I worked with her was a brief period in Anchorage.  She was good solid folk and I believe together we made a great team as we always had the other's back.

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