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Welcome to the
Alyeska Pipeline People Website!

A gathering spot for Alyeska Pipeline People, past or present. If you worked for Alyeska directly, or as a contractor, and you were issued an Alyeska photo badge, use Contact Us to let me know you wish to join. Include some info about your work with Alyeska (when, where, etc.)  If you weren't issued an Alyeska badge but still wish to join, send me a note about why. We can chat.   Larry 

Welcome new members: Diane Blair Swenk & Suzanne Cunningham

 We have received word that
Harold Franklin "Frank" Johnson
passed away on June 12, 2024

 We have received word that
Ronal "Ron" Cheshire
passed away on February 18, 2024

Reminder:  We have an "Our Links" page.  Check it out.  Use Contact Us to reach me if you wish to be added on this page.

  • 3 Month TEST - Members involved in: a book, product, business, event, charity, etc.,may share one ad or Youtube video regarding it in the Message Forum during the next 3 months. 
  • Be reasonable on ad size.  Indentify member's relationship to the book, business, charity, etc. 
  • Avoid (or submit in advance) ads related to religion or politics via Contact Us.  
  • I reserve the right to deleat ads that do comply with our standards.   This is a 3 month test.  
  • Afterwards we will evalutate whether members like this option, or not.
  • See below for Message Forum Instructions.

 We have received word that
Wayne Wilson
passed away on Marcgh 21, 2024

 We have received word that
Ben Holeman
passed away on February 6, 2024

 We have received word that
Scott W Smith
passed away on February 3, 2024

How to use Message Forum:

How to edit your info:

Click the silhouette image in the upper right corner.
Use "Edit Contact Info" to update your name, address, email, phone, etc.
Use "Edit Contact Info" to update spouse, occupation, etc.
And you can change your password

Questions? Password?  Use Contact Us to drop me a line

Note: This website is not affiliated with
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

Military VeteransIn Memory comments are viewable by family, friends and others who visit this website.  Message Forum & Pipeline Profile pages are viewable only by AlyeskaPipelinePeople.com members.  

CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS - I want to thank all those who help make the site succesful, whether by sharing on the Message Forum, or catching spelling errors and other mistakes. I think it's in our genes to catch and correct mistakes.  We're good at it.  It's unlikely I would hear about those passing away without the help of other members sending me links to obituaries or putting me in contact with family members.  I appreciate it and all members benefit. Recent content contributors include: 
Suzanne Cuningham, Gary Bader, Dave Zehner, Perry Holeman, Kevin McCabe, Steve MacCarthy, Ronald Jackson, Howie Hilliker, Andy Postisheck, Howard Thomas, Andy Postisheck, John Ferrell, Gayle Hunt, Jim Plaquet, Mel Jesse, Stacie Motz, Ben Holeman, Andy Postishek, Gaye Hunt, Bill Schnell, Lance Groundwater, Mel Jesse, Stacy Motz, Jan Morgan, Katharine LaForest, Nita McCallum, Dan Hisey, Bill Howitt, Linda Powell, Linda Maggard, John Renfroe, Andy Postishek, Gordon Anderson, and Ben Holeman.
I usually add someone's name to the front of the list here when they contribute content.  (A few ask not to be mentioned.)  And I remove names at the end of the list periodically.  If someone's name appears several time, it simply means that person sent multiple items during the current time period. 

Members who recently joined:

  • Francisco Hernandez 6/16
  • Mike Malvick 5/31
  • Gina Kalloch 5/24
  • Cindy Keuller 4/22 
  • Paul Eckman 3/16
  • MIchael Jenkins 1/4
  • Steve Schudel 12/4
  • Ruth Fitzpatrick 11/13
  • Steve Dewar 9/17
  • Lorena Hegdal 9/25
  • Ruth Black 9/15
  • David Pritchard 9/13
  • Tomika Itchoak  9/5
  • Terry Postlewait 8/11

1/2/2014 - My thanks to Joe Rioran for suggesting the name for this website and Ben Holeman for encouraging it!


•   Diana Blair (Swenk)  7/12
•   Suzanne Cunningham (Cunningham)  7/10
•   Larry Motschenbacher  7/9
•   Tim Adamczak  6/30
•   Arthur T Sample III (Sample Iii)  6/19
•   Steve Lacatena  6/17
•   Francisco Hernandez  6/16
•   Steve Jordan  6/1
•   Brenda Babiak ((Christensen))  6/1
•   Michael J Malvick (Malvick)  5/31
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•   Harold Franklin "Frank" Johnson  2024
•   Ronel "Ron" Cheshire  2024
•   Wayne Wilson  2024
•   Ronald Sencibaugh  2021
•   Ben Holeman  2024
•   William James Darch  2014
•   George M Nelson  2015
•   Scott W. Smith  2024
•   David R. Pinney  2022
•   William S. Jackson  2024
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